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A Home of Innovation for Ruapehu

In 2013, the Ngāti Rangi Trust launched the Ruapehu Whānau 

Transformation Plan with the vision of helping to enable transformation across the whole community in the five key areas of Education, Employment, Housing, Health and Social Wellbeing around our In rohe (Raetihi, Ohakune, Waiouru and surrounding areas).

To enable whānau transformation it is essential to create the environment where whānau-driven transformation can exist and thrive. Through the plan we are creating an environment that supports

whānau in making choices to realise their own pathways for transformation.

For the first time this movement brought together many influential leaders, whānau members and groups across all our communities. They include the iwi, district council, local business and owners, whānau groups, major employers, school representatives, ECE, local police, rotary, religious leaders, NZ Army, community trusts and local health providers.

Based on 12 months of quantitative and qualitative evidence; both extensive official statistics and rich local stories which provided a platform to scope localised solutions for whānau, iwi and the communities of Raetihi, Ohakune and Waiouru, we launched the plan in July 2013.

The solutions seek to capitalise on 10 key opportunities which were identified across the five focus areas of Education, Employment, Housing, Health and Social. Evidence shows that to capitalise on

these particular 10 opportunities will create the strongest platform from which our whānau and community will thrive.

Te Pae Tata is the result of two solutions articulated within the plan. It is one of our most ground-breaking projects.


Te Pae Tata will provide the sustainable platform to elevate the Education, Employment and Social outcomes of the Ruapehu Whānau Transformation plan, and beyond.

Our name Te Pae Tata means to bring learnings from distant horizons into the palm of our hands. Today we should all expect to be able to ‘plug in’ from anywhere, and reach a global market, global audiences and global education opportunities.

Te Pae Tata provides a platform for so many things, but at the centre of it all is the moral imperative, and our mission; to empower and advance People, Place and Culture.

We will achieve this through better connecting and collaborating as a progressive community, equipped with technology; providing for higher learning opportunities; and through experiences that unleash our innate entrepreneurship.

We're calling this our Collective Innovation!

This facility will capitalise on curiosity and foster Ruapehu ingenuity to develop, highly skilled, connected, thoughtful  learners and leaders prepared for the challenges and opportunities of a global digital world.

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